Read how teachers are reshaping their courses and benefiting from MathXL for School.

Delivering Results

We are using MathXL for our Algebra II course, and for the first time experienced a 100% success rate—all students passed. A behind-the-scenes look at one student who pre-tested on an Algebra II topic at 37% scored in the high 80s after spending only 6 hours in MathXL. Student success—you’ve got to love it!

-Beth Gaunce, Instructional Supervisor, Kentucky Virtual High School (KY)

I have not had a single kid get below a B on a (paper/pencil) test since they have been working on the program! The kids seem to really enjoy working on it and are ‘starting to get it now’ where they have never really understood it before! I hope that our district will continue with this program. …One of my success stories is a student that failed Algebra 1 last year…She has gotten 100% on her first two tests.…She is excited and working very hard and THAT is what it is all about! THANK YOU!

-Erin Birkland, Math Teacher, North Kansas City High School (MO)

I used Math XL for School very aggressively during our fourth quarter this past year. I used it in all three classes as both a homework tool and for assessments. My students really got into it, and we finished the school year with 97.3% of the students on our team scoring a level 3 or higher on our North Carolina Math end-of-grade (EOG) assessments. There is no question in my mind, that even though we started using MATHXL [for School] in the fourth quarter, this resulted in improved understanding, performance, and ultimately, higher scores on our state assessments.

-James Cox, Math Teacher, Tucker Creek Middle School (NC)

I am very pleased with the way MathXL for School enables me to check on students' understanding of each step of a multi-step problem. So many times students indicate that they understand a concept, but this program identifies specific skills or concepts that they do not fully understand as it requires a response for each step of a problem and then gives them a similar problem to demonstrate their understanding.

-David Haines, Teacher, Mount Juliet High School (TN)

MathXL for School has been a terrific addition to our program. In fact, our teachers cannot imagine teaching these online courses without it and the result has paid off big dividends in improved EOC test results.

-Robert Hambrick, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Wake County Public Schools (NC)

I started using Math XL for 6 days now. I took my recent math test and I got 86.22!!!!!!

-8th grade student

Motivating Students

Students have reacted in a positive manner. Most of the students love the immediate feedback and the support features. I have had students tell me that in the past they did not do well in math, but this program motivates students to work problems until they get 100%.

Teacher, The Dunham School (LA)

On the days we spent in the computer lab, students arrived to class eager to work--a big change from lecture days. There was no playing around. Students were prepared and focused on the task ahead.

-Lisa Hoppenstedt, Teacher, Tara High School (LA)

I have students arrive at 6:40 am and stay till 4:40 pm to do their MathXL work. My students have never even remotely worked this hard for me.

-Corby Drone, Teacher, Pottstown High School (PA)

MathXL for School is a great tool for students at all levels. Its instantaneous feedback and multiple embedded resources serve to hold students' attention while keeping them on task. I have a learning-disabled student in one of my Algebra 1 classes who is currently working on a 4th-grade level. Generally, his first reaction to any math work is ‘I can’t do it.’ However, the opposite was true when he tried MathXL for School. After just a few problems, he was completely into it—so much so that he wouldn’t leave for lunch until he finished all the assigned problems.

-Carol B. Stein, Literacy Coach, Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School (WI)

After using MathXL and MyMathTest for less than a semester, our math department saw a greater interest from our students for mathematics, and they exhibited more confidence. We are also very excited to say that we experienced an increase in our math ACT scores!

-Cheryl Dicken, Teacher, Campbellsville High School (KY)

The program is working great! I have ESE, LD kids working at basically an honors level with the program! It is amazing!

-Jenny Rette, Spruce Creek High School (FL)

I had a hard time with math untill my teacher introduced us to MathXL. Now my grades are great in math and MathXL helps me with math. I love MathXL.

-middle school student

Enhancing Class Time

MathXL for School has been a great resource in my classroom. It has helped to motivate students, enhance student engagement, and increase the efficiency of class time. As a result, I am able to have students complete activities that require critical thinking and problem solving.

-Teacher, The Dunham School (LA)

MathXL for School has transformed the learning environment in my classroom. It eliminates the need for me to take class time checking homework and going over answers. I am able to individualize instruction for my students.

-Teacher, The Dunham School (LA)

MathXL for School has positively changed the way I teach. I no longer begin class with the usual ‘get your homework out.’ I know before class starts how my students have done on their homework. MathXL and MathXLforSchool are amazing tools for differentiation as well as enrichment. I hope I never have to teach without them.

-Patrick Cowan, Teacher, Blue Valley North High School (KS)

I love it. It has eliminated going over problems with homework in class. I am able to cover more material. I am ahead of where I was this time last year.

-Alice Dugan, Department Chairperson, Cardinal O’Hara High School (PA)

I have become a more aware teacher of my students' progress because of the program but more importantly the students have become pro-active in their learning of math concepts.

-Tom Siegel, Teacher, Cardinal Spellman High School (NY)

Changing The Way I Teach

MathXL for School has been great so far in my classroom. Students are able to learn math content without being in a classroom-style setting. Currently, I do not have enough textbooks to supply my students with, so MathXL helps fill the gap by allowing students to work on content at home. This program is a great tool to help students prepare for online courses in the future.

-Jonathan Decker, Math Teacher, Warren East High School (KY)