Enrolling Students

Before working in MathXL for School, students must register and enroll. Alternatively, your district's student information system (SIS) can integrate with MathXL for School via Savvas EasyBridge Plus or Auto for automated rostering and enrollment

Registration: Creates a student's account and establishes a unique username and password.

Enrollment: Enrolls a student in the appropriate course using the teacher's Course ID.


You have three options for registering and enrolling students:

  1. Self-registration &

NOTE: We recommend teachers guide students through these steps on the first day of class.

Students register for an account and enroll into courses themselves by:

  • Clicking the register button for students at www.mathxlforschool.com
  • Redeeming an access code
  • Creating a username and password
  • Entering their course ID

Refer to student self-registration instructions .

  1. Batch registration &
    Batch enrollment
  2. Batch registration &

NOTE: A minimum of 100 students is required for the batch registration option.

Teachers initiate a batch registration process by:

  • Filling out a student information spreadsheet
  • Uploading the completed form
  • Providing the access code(s) to be redeemed

Begin batch upload process.