District Reporting

This reporting will provide your district with valuable information regarding teacher and student usage of MathXL for School. There are two options for reporting:

Teacher Usage Report

This report is generated for your district and provides information regarding teacher usage of MathXL for School for the current school year. This report is a spreadsheet that includes:

  • What courses teachers have created
  • How many students are enrolled in each course
  • Course start and end dates
  • The book being used for each course

View a sample report.

Admin Access to Performance Analytics

Note: Admin Access is automatically available when using MathXL for School via EasyBridge Plus or Auto. Learn more.

Administrators and department heads can use Performance Analytics to:

  • Generate visual reports on student performance across one or more courses
  • View reports for overall scores, assignment results, and average time spent
  • Export performance data

An admin account can be created for your district to access Performance Analytics. If you have previously set up an admin account, access can be extended to courses for the current school year.

Get an overview of Performance Analytics.


Request one or both reporting options for your district

NOTE: This service is available once per quarter for customers who have purchased access codes (not available for Free Trial). A minimum of 500 students using MathXL for School in the current school year is required.